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Orange Dentist Dr. Dan Marcus answers wisdom teeth questions.

Orange Park Dental Care
Wisdom Tooth FAQs Questions about what to expect:

Q. I have to have all 4 wisdom teeth extracted and was wondering what to expect and how long to expect recovery to take.
Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. This varies greatly on the difficulty of removal and how quickly your body recovers. Expect to feel weak for 3 to 5 days and to feel pretty normal in a week to 10 days. Complete healing of the area can take a month or more, but shouldn’t interfere in your daily life after the initial heal has occurred.

Q. How likely is someone to develop permanent paralysis from having their wisdom teeth extracted. And are the nerves easily damageable during surgery?

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. I have never seen or even read about a case of paralysis. Numbness can happen, but it is rare. I have been extracting wisdom teeth for 21 years and only had one person have numbness. The numbness went away in about 4 weeks. This likely on the informed consent form because it does very occasionally occur. The risk is slight and the consequences of not removing pathologic wisdom teeth can be severe.

Q. I have two question maybe three. The first question would be will I died from having four wisdom teeth removed while I'm put to sleep?? Second question. Is there any other Anesthesia that I can get since I'm afraid to be put to sleep??? My third question is does the Anesthesia depends on the wisdom teeth position?

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. Will you die? Very unlikely, general aesthesia in an oral surgeons office is very safe. Many wisdom teeth are removed with local aesthesia only however, if you are very afraid this may not be a good option for you. The more difficult the position of the teeth, the more likely the surgeon will want to use general aesthesia. This can make removal of the teeth quicker and safer.

Q. I went to a dentist right after all of my wisdom teeth came in. They were giving me no problems and he said they didn't need to be taken out. Last week the upper right one chipped and about 20 minutes ago the upper left one chipped and it is killing me! Whenever I drink or eat anything or even touch it ..well its a horrible pain... What could this possibly be?

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. Sounds like your upper wisdom teeth have decayed and need to be restored or removed. Time to see your dentist.

Q. Would it be impossible to pull my own wisdom tooth. I have a wisdom tooth that has surfaced very well but now has a cavity on the side and part of the center of my tooth. This is a huge pain, especially at night and my new insurance has not kicked in yet at work. What would the real hazards of pulling it myself be?

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. Guess you saw that Tom Hanks movie where he removed his own tooth. No you can't take out your own tooth. You would for sure brake it and cause more problems for the surgeon that has to remove it and add extra expense. Wisdom teeth are generally the most difficult teeth to remove. Seriously when I have seen people that have tried to remove one of their own teeth it has always been a mess. I have never treated anyone who tried to remove their own wisdom tooth. Complications of trying to do this yourself include; severe bleeding, infections, a broken jaw, a broken tooth other than you wisdom, incredible pain and possible death.

Q. I have two bottom wisdom teeth coming out (they're half way through now) and I have a dilemma if it's worth to go and get them pulled or just let them grow. I experience headaches once in a while when they actually coming out and it happens once in 3-4 months. Also I experienced some moderate inflammation and pain in the very beginning before they started coming out and at some point I had to take antibiotics to get rid of it. I’d definitely say they bother me but I’m not sure that I want to go all the way through and experience all the pain associated with pulling them out and afterwards. Also, I've heard so many bad stories about the side effects of that procedure, so I just simply don't know what to do.

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. You need to consult with your dentist. Not all wisdom teeth need to be removed, but if yours do now is going to be easier on you that later. Pain and infection are a really good reason to have the teeth removed.

Q. My bottom wisdom teeth are cutting but only one is a little red/tender is tenderness normal? About how much is going to cost for an x-ray to know if I need to have my wisdom teeth removed?
A. Redness and tenderness is very normal. Cost of x-rays and diagnosis varies greatly by region and dentist. Figure $100 or so but give your surgeon a call and find out. Many dentist will do low cost consultations.

Q. Is it possible to have a second set of upper wisdom teeth?

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. Yes it is possible. I have seen second and even third sets of wisdom teeth. They are generally very small and under developed. An x-ray is needed to diagnose properly.
Q. How do you know if its your wisdom teeth growing in? The back right of my jaw is hurting so bad and it causes a bad ear ache. Is this my wisdom teeth growing? What do I do?

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. This could very well be a wisdom or other tooth problem. Yes you should see a dentist right away! What they will do will vary depending on the problem.

Q. Do you know the youngest person to get a third molar? Is it possible for an 11 year old to get their "wisdom tooth", or third molar? How about a 16 year old?

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. I don't know the record for youngest wisdom tooth, but 11 yrs is very unlikely. Quite likely the 11 yr old is get his 12 yr or 2nd molar. For the 16 yr old this could be a wisdom tooth. The only way to know for sure is to consult a dentist in person.

Q. How long is it going to take me to get an appointment for the surgery. And once its done how long will I need to take off work?
A. No way to know how long to get an appointment until you call. My office will see patients often the same day. Call around and find someone that can see you right away. Time off work varies person to person and on the difficulty of the surgery. Most people return to work in 1 to 4 days.

Q. I just found out that I am pregnant and I also need to get my wisdom teeth out. I know that I can't be put under local anesthetic but I was wondering if I could still get them out or if I need to wait until I have the baby.

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. If the teeth really need to come out now, your surgeon can deal with this. Discuss this with your dental surgeon to figure out the best way to handle the situation.

Q. I am scheduled to have surgery on Friday to remove 2 impacted bottom wisdom teeth. I just started a new job and cannot afford to miss any work. What should I expect to feel after the surgery and should I go through with it. I am also afraid of being put to sleep.

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. Of course recovery varies person to person, impacted lower wisdom teeth generally need 1 to 4 days of recovery time. The difficulty of the impactions, your age and the type of work you do will influence the amount of recovery time before you return to work. Being put to sleep may not be necessary, many surgeons will do this with local or light anesthesia only.

Q. My wisdom teeth came in about a year ago. One of them did not come in all the way. Now I can't open my jaw to even eat a sandwich. I know it's not tetanus I just had a shot a year ago. What should I do since I don't have dental insurance?

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. You likely need your wisdom tooth out. It sounds like you have an infection that has gotten into your muscle of the jaw. This is called trismus. Untreated this can become very serious. This is one of those things where you need treatment. You are going to have to spend the money and see a dentist.

Q. I am a 34 yr old female and my wisdom tooth is causing me a lot of pain. I want to know if this pain can cause me to become sick with an ear ach, stiff head, runny nose and other pains in my body.

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. Yes, it sure can. Don't mess around, get to your dentist and take care of this tooth. ________________________________________________________________________
What about after the surgery?

Q. I had wisdom teeth pulled this week. My question is when does the swelling go away? Another question is should I be on Antibiotics so that I won’t get an infections?
Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. Swelling should start getting better after about 4 days and be gone in 7 to14 days. Antibiotics are not recommend at this time.

Q. I had my wisdom teeth removed 6 days ago, the pain is still there but not as bad as it was on the third day. Now I am experiencing some itching where the three teeth were surgically removed. Is this normal?

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. Yes very normal, this is just a part of the healing process.

Q. Four days ago I had my last bottom wisdom tooth removed. The tooth took a lot of cutting out in order to be fully removed. The area where the tooth was removed is fairly sore with some swelling but no more so than I have experienced in the past. The biggest difference is the amount of bleeding that has occurred after the extraction. The dentist put me on Amoxicillin and Vicodin. My question is why am I vomiting so much four days later. I feel lethargic and every time I vomit I vomit old blood that I have swallowed. I have kept the area affected packed with gauze but it still seems that I am swallowing a good amount of blood. I am wondering if I've swallowed a lot of infected blood and it is making me sick or if the Vicodin, which I haven't taken much of lately could be the culprit. Or even if the Amoxicillin is making me vomit?

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. If you are still swallowing a lot of blood, this is a likely cause. However, you shouldn't still be bleeding enough to cause this reaction 4 days after surgery. If you look in your mouth and see blood coming out of the site you need to get into your dental office right away. If you look in your mouth and don't see real bleeding, then it is likely you are oozing blood and it is mixing with your saliva making the volume seem large. I am concerned that you are still packing with gauze 4 days after surgery as this can delay healing and cause bleeding. Both Vicodin and Amoxicillin can cause nausea with the Vicodin being the most likely. I think it is time for visit to your dental office for some follow up care.

Q. I had a lower wisdom tooth pulled everything went fine, but about 10 days later I noticed about an inch below where it was there is a part of my jawbone sticking though my gum. Its about an inch long. its not really painful but I am concerned is this normal?

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. I am glad this is not painful, however you may need follow up treatment and you need to get back to the surgeon that removed the tooth. The uncovered bone needs to be treated ASAP.

Q. I had the two wisdom teeth on the right side of my jaw removed a few days ago. I would like to know if it's normal for my face to be bruised black and blue after this procedure.

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. Yes this is normal healing. Takes about two weeks or so for the discoloration to go away.

Q. I just recently had my wisdom teeth removed 9 days ago. Around the 4th day after I had them out, I had an extremely bad taste in my mouth, very over powering, and left me feeling nauseous. I was told by my oral surgeon that it was because of the stitches. I have taken good care of my teeth, brushed 3 times a day, washed my mouth out with listerine and salt water a couple times a day too. I just had my stitches taken out, 2 days ago. After I had them out, the taste was still there. Also, I noticed this taste might be coming from the "holes" behind my molars where the wisdom teeth were extracted. I think a gel like substance might be oozing from there. What is the problem? Is this normal? Is this a dry socket? Will it go away over time?

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. This is not likely a dry socket as the hallmark of a dry socket is pain! Quite likely this the break down products of healing and food particles that get into the sockets. This will get better in time. You may want to see your surgeon again and ask him the best way to keep these sockets free of food.

Q. I had my wisdom teeth removed in January. It is now April and I now have a sharp tooth-like piece coming out of my inner gum. I also had a little sliver come out of the same spot. I have tried to pull this on but it is embedded. What is it?

A. Sounds like a small piece of bone that has worked its way loose. This is can happen as the body remodels the bone where the tooth used to be. A follow up visit to the surgeon that removed the tooth is called for. This is generally a simple matter to resolve.

Q. I just had all four wisdoms removed. I am wondering how long before I can drink beer again? I feel fine.

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. I generally ask my patients to wait until they are off all their medications before they resume drinking. You might ask your surgeon some are less strict than I am.

Q. Had 4 Wisdom teeth removed on Monday so far no problems. How long do I have to worry about Dry Socket? I have not eaten anything but soup broth and yogurt so far and have not done any of the no no's yet.

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. If you don't smoke and continue to follow your surgeons advice it is not likely you will get a dry socket. There is little chance of a dry socket developing after 14 days or so if all is well up to that point.

Q. I'm not sure if I have this or not but I had my wisdom teeth out almost a week ago and the pain is still unbearable! The pain is only on one side and my ear hurts really bad too! Could it be dry socket? Also I still cant open my mouth because my jaw is still really sore is that normal?

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. Severe pain a week after wisdom tooth removal certainly can be a dry socket. Get into see your surgeon ASAP and have it treated. Treatment will help with the pain and speed up the recovery time.

Q. My wisdom teeth came in about a year ago. One of them did not come in all the way. Now I can't open my jaw to even eat a sandwich. I know it's not tetanus I just had a shot a year ago. What should I do since I don't have dental insurance?

Orange Dentist Dr. Marcus. You likely need your wisdom tooth out. It sounds like you have an infection that has gotten into your muscle of the jaw. This is called trismus. Untreated this can become very serious. This is one of those things where you need treatment. You are going to have to spend the money and see a dentist.

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